June 18, 2024

Image courtesy Matt
Gallant and Wade Lightheart

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Do you want to avoid sailing through the tsunami of dieting and nutritional data currently flooding our social waters? Well, amid all the haze that dietary groups and influencers cry out for you to follow lies a healthy gem packed with what business partners and co-authors Matt Gallant and Wade Lightheart describe as “the most complete, unbiased nutrition book ever written.”

Paleo, Keto, Whole 30, Intermittent fasting, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, and more – for most of us, we all wish to get healthier, look better, and feel good. But with so many options on varying plates, it is no wonder we need clarification.

First, remember that it’s okay to have a momentary sense of failure or frustration when your dietary action plan goes sour. Embrace it. Accept the moment. And employ those feelings to propel you forward.

After all, who can blame us when we are bombarded with so much information? For first-time browsers, finding the right motivation, knowledge, or tools to ignite their health journey can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Could this be why so many people eventually quit and revert to their old habits? Or how “97% of people fail to lose long-term weight?”

The good news is there’s plenty you and I can do to confidently take control of our mindset and break free from harmful beliefs, regardless of age, gender, or body type. You see, the key to long-term success with dieting is not to follow the latest fad or trend but to find what works best for your body and lifestyle. 

Something that the founders of BIOptimizers believe is that diets should dive deeper than what you decide to chew. There are just so many more factors to consider. 

Lifelong friends turned business partners who once considered themselves “former nutritional zealots,” Matt Gallant and Wade Lightheart are powerhouse individuals who know precisely what it takes to reach an all-time sense of achievement.

Having met in the gymnasium as natural athletes for decades, they dedicated their lives to helping others achieve unprecedented levels of health and wellness, overcoming numerous obstacles in their way. 

Yet it was through their unwavering commitment to excellence in the fitness industry that Wade Lightheart – a three-time bodyweight champion, and Matt Gallant – a strength and conditioning coach for multiple pro athletes and high performers – transformed into inspirations like no other.

Photo courtesy Wade Lightheart
Photo courtesy Matt Gallant

Despite occasional disagreements, it was clear that their shared goals for empowering and optimizing humans drove their passion and purpose to serve others to achieve success.

“With Wade winning on a plant-based diet and me doing Keto since I was 16 years old, as both successful traders, during our business endeavors, we would always argue about food, diets, and religion,” smiles Gallant. “But we soon discovered that these diets did not work for everyone.”

“I saw this happen in my journey during my high-performance training days as a bodybuilder,” shares Lightheart. “I ran into digestive health problems, trying to take a meat eaters approach to a vegetarian high-performance diet.” 

He continues, “However, when we experimented with each other’s diet strategies, that didn’t necessarily work for us either. We could get marginal benefits, but as trainers, we realized that the specificity of the determination was best.”

After finding and testing numerous digestive possibilities, the pair concluded that the key to dietary success is to create a personalized plan aligned with an individual’s goals, psychology, and genetics. 

Most importantly, training others to confidently let go of the notion of “nutritional tribalism,” treating it as a religion, and instead approaching it in a new and improved manner. 

And it was so, having shifted into the educational space together, with decades of experience and expertise between them, Lightheart and Gallant decided to put their proven strategies and hard-earned insights onto paper so that others could gain clarity and learn so much more.

Titled The Ultimate Nutrition Bible, the book has been described as “the all-in-one, comprehensive guide to the current diet and nutritional landscape that will help you establish a personalized, sustainable dietary strategy.” Based on your goals, genetics, and unique needs, you can succeed both in the short and long term. 

By following their flow-through adventure handbook filled with tangible tools printed into each chapter, expect to absorb a wealth of information to empower you to make lasting changes to your health and wellness.

“The book helps people learn the right questions to ask with the experts they might be leveraging,” shares Lightheart. “Through the book, you can eliminate a subset of questions, confusion, and time costs as it helps you assemble the mathematical algorithm for yourself. Then you can acquire the appropriate diet, experts, and products to sustain that over lifetimes.”

Vowing to transform health worldwide in the next few decades, “we aim to try to make this as effortless and frictionless and as easy as humanly possible,” Gallant says. 

“I think many zealots will recalibrate their opinions, and it’s already happening. I’m hearing many of them drop some of their dogmatic beliefs and be a little more flexible and open-minded, which is a great thing”.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to find what works for you and stick with it. Anyone can achieve their health goals with a personalized approach and the right mindset, so if you are ready to turn the page and start afresh, grab a copy of The Ultimate Nutrition System now.


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