June 20, 2024

Samurachi burrito, $12.99

SU&BU, 3 locations in Toronto

The request

Sarah Jamal was instantly attracted to sushi burritos.

She likes their get-and-go usefulness, their pretty rainbow colours and, of course, the mouth watering mash-up of tastes.

“In a sushi burrito you get lots of additional flavours than you would get in just one chunk of sushi,” she states. “It’s like eating a few sorts of sushi all jointly.”

Wrapped in nori and a layer of sticky rice, the Samurachi burrito is stuffed with a bright assortment of vegetables and raw fish.

Residing over SU&BU, a Toronto mini-chain that specializes in this fashionable seafood hybrid, has also served to gas her affair.

Jamal is commonly drawn to the samurachi burrito, which is created with chunks of tuna and salmon, handfuls of spiral-sliced cucumber and shredded red cabbage, avocado slices and leaf lettuce, furthermore a sweet sauce and a sweet chili vinaigrette, all carefully wrapped in nori and a layer of rice.

“It’s mouth watering,” she suggests. “All the diverse flavours arrive together and burst in your mouth.”

But, like in any romance, Jamal would like to know as significantly as achievable about the object of her passion.

And so she requested The Dish to obtain out no matter whether her favourite sushi burrito is as balanced as it is trendily tasty.

The guess

“I feel it will have about 500 calories,” states Jamal, whose substantial-pitched voice implies she is extra hopeful than confident this is the case.

The exceptional results

Calories: 625

Unwanted fat: 12 grams

Sodium: 1,472 milligrams

Carbs: 91 grams

Protein: 37 grams

The breakdown

  • The complete-dimensions burrito weighs 446 grams, or practically a person pound.
  • Its 1,472 milligrams of sodium is about two-thirds of the encouraged utmost day by day allotment.
  • The burrito is the calorie equal to feeding on 18 parts of salmon avocado roll — two takeout trays — from Bento Sushi.

The professional reaction

With its two sorts of fish, heaping cup of colourful veggies, dose of balanced fats and reasonable calorie depend, registered dietitian Carol Harrison offers the samurachi sushi burrito two thumbs up.

“For lunch or meal, the calorie depend is about appropriate for the regular sedentary particular person and its 37 grams of hunger-curbing protein will support you hold experience comprehensive properly earlier the food,” she suggests.

“Plus, we’re meant to try to eat two servings of fish a 7 days, but most Canadians really don’t fulfill these recommendations, so it’s good to get the job done fish into our meal plans a lot more usually, specially salmon, a fatty fish whole of coronary heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.”

Harrison’s only problem is the burrito’s sodium rely and recommends diners skip the accompanying soy sauce packet to continue to keep salt amounts in verify. And for individuals who are observing their sodium consumption, she indicates either inquiring for fewer sauce or for the sauces to appear on the aspect so you can drizzle or dip sparingly.

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The restaurant reaction

Aaron N. Serruya, co-owner of SU&BU, is typically happy with the nourishment figures, specially due to the fact all those with lighter appetites can very easily purchase the 50 percent-dimension burrito.

“I love both of those proteins in the samurachi (one of our bestsellers), the healthful fat from the fish and the avocado and it is packed with good greens we built a issue of adding a ton of greens to all our dishes. We want a comprehensive food for our consumers.”

Serruya was worried with the carbohydrate rely and has already tweaked the restaurant’s specialised rice dispensers so they squeeze out much less rice for the burrito wraps.

And, he suggests, he would like to cut down the sodium in the restaurant’s sauces — “The sodium quantity is increased than I would like to see.”

As SU&BU rolls out extra areas and much more sushi hybrid foods, which include sushi pizza and poke nachos, Serruya says buyers are progressively asking for nutrition figures.

“We are performing on them,” he states, noting SU&BU will present them prior to it has 20 locations. Provincial laws involves places to eat with 20 or a lot more outlets to write-up calorie counts for menu products.

“Being a well being-mindful diner myself, I want to know what’s in my food.”

The reader reaction

“Oh, wow, that’s very a little bit for me,” claims Jamal soon after hearing the calorie count. “That’s a large chunk of my every day calorie intake. But, you know, I’m Alright with it. When I’m tremendous hectic at perform, I don’t have a lot time to eat via the day and I want that entire wholesome meal at evening meal.

“But,” she adds, “I unquestionably will not be introducing any further soy sauce.”

The Dish is a common collection that can help well being-aware diners navigate Toronto’s foodstuff scene by revealing the nutrition facts of Star readers’ favourite food items.

If you are curious about the energy in a food or handle, e mail Megan Ogilvie at [email protected]. Goods selected to be featured in The Dish will be despatched to an accredited laboratory for dietary evaluation

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