June 20, 2024

One such individual is Dr Federica Amati, head of science communications at personalised nutrition platform Zoe, who is set to speak on the topic at NutraIngredients’ Probiota conference in Milan​ next month (Feb 7-9).

As a postdoctoral medical scientist and an AfN-accredited nutritionist, it seems incongruous that Amati began her career in hospitality PR, but she explains she always had a gut feeling that eventually her two passions—nutrition science and communications—would align.

“I took the marketing role in order to earn some money while I was a student, but I got quite good at it and progressed to head of communications for a hospitality company,” she said.

“Throughout my education and post-grad work, people always asked why I bothered working in marketing because it

Speaker Image - Federica Amati 300x300

Dr Federica Amati

has nothing to do with science, but I always felt like they needed to care much more about communication because academics will so often struggle to communicate their work effectively.” 

After completing her Masters in Public Health, Amati took a job in New York, heading up marketing and PR for a large hospitality group, and she found herself getting coverage for the venues in Vogue and other prestigious magazines.

“I realised that with effective communication you can get a lot of coverage,” she said. “The only issue was I was getting the coverage for things like Pharrell’s birthday party. I always said I want to be able to write an article in Vogue about science. It was my aim to make things that are actually important, make the headlines.” 


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