July 25, 2024

Gear Break: Osmo nutrition, CEP The Run mid cut compression 4.0 socks, the all-new Cadence Plus helmet by SCOTT, WIAWIS cutting-edge Nanocarbon technology, Fara Cycling launches innovative modular cockpit featuring enhanced ergonomics and Q36.5 – Behind the technology.


Osmo Nutrition


Osmo Nutrition makes hydration, recovery, and fueling mixes for athletes. We are a small but mighty operation making the best sports nutrition for endurance athletes. Our goal is to empower people of every level of sport to achieve individual greatness. Osmo’s hydration, fuel and recovery products deliver proven results and are the go-to for athletes across a spectrum of sports. Made with the best all natural ingredients, Osmo is there to give you your best performance. #feelgreatbegreat

Osmo exists to help you feel and perform your best with innovative, all natural sports nutrition.

Chuck Peña Sez: I wasn’t familiar with the Osmo brand but I’m always looking for new (to me) products for on-the-bike nutrition to try and taste. PEZ tested Osmo Active Hydration, Power Fuel, and Rapid Recovery. Per Osmo:

  • Osmo Active Hydration contains the optimal ratio of sucrose, glucose, and electrolytes to replace body water and power you through your workout. Flavored with real fruit and natural ingredients, Active quickly gives you the hydration you need, improving endurance and power while reducing cramping and fatigue.
  • With three simple ingredients – cluster dextrin, sodium and fructose – Osmo Power Fuel offers easy fueling when you don’t have time for wrappers. Cluster dextrin has the highest absorption rate compared with other carbohydrates, enabling faster fueling for endurance athletes without causing GI distress.
  • Rapid Recovery uses two proteins, whey isolate and micellar casein, that are proven to halt muscular breakdown post-workout. Whey is a fast-acting protein, while casein is longer-lasting. The combination is highly effective, as muscles have access to amino acids over several hours for optimal muscle repair.


Osmo Active Hydration


Osmo Active Hydration comes in five flavors: Blackberry, Lemon Lime, Blueberry Pomegranate, and Orange.  The Lemon Lime flavor in the single serving packets are a lot easier (and less messy) than measuring out a scoop of powder to mix in a water bottle. Taste-wise, the lemon lime was … well … lemon lime. For me, just the right amount of sweetness and flavor. And no issues with my stomach. But I know everyone’s digestive system is different so YMMV.

Hydration-wise, Osmo Active Hydration does what it’s supposed to do … hydrate. Even during this time of year when it’s cold (at least it still is in Babylon on the Potomac), it’s important to hydrate. I’ll be interested to see how it performs during the dog days of summer when it’s hot and humid both in Babylon on the Potomac and down in the Lowcountry.


Osmo Power Fuel


Osmo Power Fuel comes in no caffeine and with caffeine versions. PEZ tried the Power Fuel with caffeine (can you say “espresso addict”?) IMHO, this is a perfect product for riders who can’t eat and ride at the same time (either because they’re just not comfortable doing so or their stomachs can’t tolerate doing so — I know more than a few riders who fall into the category). Since Power Fuel has a neutral flavor it can be mixed with Osmo Active Hydration (I mix the Active Hydration first and then add Power Fuel rather than throwing it all in at once). The result is a water bottle not just for hydration but also full of calories … 230 to be exact. That’s about the equivalent of a couple of typical gels. Multiply that by two water bottles and you have a lot of liquid fuel!

One thing to note is that the Power Fuel powder thickens up a bit when mixed with water. I definitely needed to stir it up quite a bit to dissolve. I prep my water bottles the night before. Stir and shake them.

Personally, I still carry a couple of gels in my jersey pocket. But a mix of Osmo Power Fuel with Osmo Active Hydration can be enough to stay hydrated and ward off the bonk monster for most medium-ish rides (for me, that means 40 to 50-ish miles) with gels in reserve.


Osmo Rapid Recovery


Osmo Rapid Recovery comes in two flavors: chocolate and vanilla. PEZ got vanilla. Osmo suggests mixing Rapid Recovery with water or milk (if you want a chocolate chocolate drink, mix the chocolate in chocolate milk!) But I’m a fan of mixing the vanilla with orange juice because the taste (and texture) reminds me of the Orange Julius fruit drinks I loved as a kid

As with all other protein mixes I’ve tried, Rapid Recovery is “thick.” I have a lot of success using a shaker bottle with a “whisk ball” (easily found on Amazon).

I know a lot of us don’t think about replacing protein after a ride, but it’s important (especially after longer, harder rides) to help prevent lean body mass/muscle loss. Osmo Rapid Recovery is just the ticket for that. For me, it’s also great pre-ride with a light breakfast to fuel up the tank.


CEP The Run Mid Cut Compression 4.0 Socks – $19.95

The Run

Built for both style and performance, The Run Mid Cut Compression Socks 4.0 deliver maximum comfort to improve your endurance and keep your feet feeling great during and after your workout. Targeted compression in the arch and ankle increases blood circulation and provides premium support to prevent injury, reduce swelling, and alleviate pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis and the Achilles tendon. This versatile height pairs well with any style of shoe or outfit so there’s no need to compromise flair for functionality!

  • Moisture-wicking fabric keeps feet cool
  • Deep sensory stimulation of joints for greater stability, fewer injuries, and pain relief
  • Innovative air channels in the footbed and ventilation zones in the toe for optimal breathability and ultimate comfort
  • Treated with silver to reduce unpleasant odors and eliminate bacteria
  • Blister-free guaranteed
  • Shock absorption from perfectly positioned anatomical padding in the foot

Compression Level: 18-20 mmHg on ankle

Chuck Peña PEZ sez: These are compression socks intended for running, but IMHO they could do double-duty cycling. The biggest difference between The Run Mid Cut Compression 4.0 Socks and typical cycling socks is that the Mid Cut 4.0 Socks have more padding (for shock absorption) on the bottom (from heel to toe). But I had no problem with them fitting in my various cycling shoes.

The Run

The Run
The Run Compression Mid Cut 4.0 Socks come in 10 different colors. PEZ got Lime Green/White and White.

I’m a fan of firm-ish compression when it comes to socks and The Run Compression Mid Cut 4.0 Socks delivered in that department. I could feel the compression but it wasn’t overly tight or constricting. The equivalent of a race fit jersey that’s form fitting and clings comfortably without being a sausage casing. Fit-wise, size MD fit my US size 9 feet just fine.

The Run
Make sure you get the right, i.e., correct, sock on the right foot!

I’ve only had a chance to do a few indoor rides wearing The Run Compression Mid Cut 4.0 Socks, but the constant pedaling of indoor riding is a good test. The additional padding provides just that little bit more comfort. #marginalgains Especially if you’re wearing super stiff carbon sole shoes.

I’ve also had the chance to use The Run Compression Mid Cut 4.0 Socks as intended, i.e., in a pair of running shoes (for my daily 4 mile walks). I’m happy to report that my dogs weren’t barking.

The Run
Mostly white, but probably still too tall for my PEZ compadre Ed Hood

Speaking of Ed … It’s now been a little more than a year since he suffered his stroke. I know all of us at PEZ miss him and his wit. We don’t expect Ed will make it back into our bunch, so we’ve started a GoFundMe page to help Ed with his future.  Read the full post here – and please consider donating.

** Click this link to donate to the GoFundMe page to help Ed **

The All-New Cadence Plus Helmet by SCOTT


Introducing SCOTT’s fastest racing helmet to date. The new Cadence Plus has undergone rigorous testing in a wind tunnel to ensure optimal aerodynamics, while maintaining the highest standards of safety and comfort.

This helmet has really been the project where we have pushed the most in terms of aerodynamics, it has been one of the core focus points in the development of this product. In the wind tunnel testing, it became evident that this new Cadence Plus was going to meet all its performance objectives and even surpass quite a few of them.

Compared to its predecessor, the testing and analysis of the helmet provided us with some interesting results:

  • 5.2% less drag coefficient
  • 22% less drag in 15 degree cross winds
  • 10% less volume

If we translate this data into Watt savings, we end up with a 1 Watt saving at a speed of 43km/h with no inclination. Furthermore, if we translate this Watt saving into time saving, you would gain a 10 second time saving over 40km.

Discover the ALL-NEW Cadence Plus


“What makes it tricky when developing a helmet like this is bringing the best balance between aerodynamics, safety and the technologies that are available to you. Here with this new Cadence Plus, we were really able to find the sweet spot.” Louis Bradier, Chief Engineer.

“We really focused on how to actually merge the outside and inside shell, so that no matter if you change slightly the position of your head, or if you’re riding in more cross-wind situations, the helmet will just perform even better.” Christian Holweck, Designer.


Sleek & Modern
When designing the Cadence Plus Helmet, the goal was to create the perfect optimization of size, speed and versatility. We wanted to ensure these factors were considered in a more modern design, which also led to the implementation of a magnetic buckle, allowing for easy and secure fastening. In order to have a more modern and sleek design of the helmet, the development process involved a collaborative effort between designers, engineers and the product manager. They all worked together meticulously to create the new Cadence Plus, which is a modern and sleek helmet, allowing you to create more speed and grasp those marginal gains.


Comfortable & Lightweight
We wanted to ensure we were saving weight where we could. For this reason, we implemented a Mips Air Node system. This is a new Mips low-friction layer suitable for ventilated, lightweight helmets. This helps reduce rotational motion to the head in certain angled impacts. Easy and comfortable sunglasses stowage was another focus point in the development of this helmet. The design of the front vents allows the sunglasses to easily sit in place comfortably, so you can continue focusing on your performance.


Optional Front Vent Plugs
If you’re looking for extra aero optimization and protection against cold weather, the optional front vent plugs are available to purchase additionally. These plugs are SCOTT’s first Swiss-made mass production 3D-printed products, which gives them their unique color. From testing and analysis, we found that the two side plugs give a saving of 2 watts, which when we translate into time savings, would give a 16 second saving over 40km.


Clip-In Rear Light
Comfort when riding in low-light conditions and in the winter was another factor considered when designing the helmet. This is why a clip-in rear light was included in the development of the helmet, giving the option to enhance visibility, allowing for comfortable and safe riding.

“I find the new Cadence Plus to be a very comfortable helmet. During intense trainings and races it stays well-ventilated, allowing me to really focus on my performance ahead. The modern, sleek design and the compact size are also elements of this helmet that I really like.” Charlotte Kool, Athlete Team dsm-firmenich PostNL.


WIAWIS Cutting-Edge Nanocarbon Technology


WIAWIS stands for “Winning Action Winning Spirit”. It is a specialized manufacturer of Nanocarbon bikes possessing extensive expertise in sports product manufacturing and celebrates its 30th anniversary this year as a specialized manufacturer of bike and archery products.


With numerous athletes winning gold medals at the Olympics and World Championships, WIAWIS is the world’s No. 1 brand that has introduced cutting-edge Nanocarbon technology with expertise and passion in sports product manufacturing.
Based on its Nanocarbon technology and know-how accumulated in archery, WIAWIS has researched and developed Olympic discipline bikes across ROAD, TRACK, MTB, and BMX. It also launched an all-carbon lug-type classic bike, an emotional bike that can only be manufactured with WIAWIS’s technology.


WIAWIS entered the worldwide bike market and is achieving good results with athletes not just in Korea but in Europe, the US, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia.

As a result, a total of 4 champions in the BMX World Championships and World Track Races. WIAWIS products are being recognized for their performance by achieving excellent results in national competitions around the world.

In Korea, the product’s stability and performance are well-known with a market share of 85% among elite riders including professionals.


Furthermore, WIAWIS operates its research and development, as well as high-end product manufacturing in Korea at its headquarters, and it has also inaugurated and operates its production facilities in Myanmar (for bicycles) and China (for archery). By directly operating carbon prepreg manufacturing machines, WIAWIS produces and applies optimal Nanocarbon for professional sports equipment and manufactures products capable of demonstrating outstanding performance and winning.

Through continuous research and development, WIAWIS introduced new methods, materials, and technologies and applied them in products such as Graphene Nanocarbon using new material Graphene, and EPM methods. In this way, the current WIAWIS has completed all preparations for a leap forward and is becoming an international bike brand and signing distributors all around the world.

In 2024, a new aerodynamic bike (WAWS PRO XP2) was launched and realize a new form of effective aerodynamics. It has 39% improved aero performance with 12% lighter weight than the previous model. The super-light bike VENTER is lightweight and yet has sufficient rigidity. By implementing the most efficient carbon frame design, good riding comfort, pedaling with less loss of power, and stability are fulfilled.


For classic bikes (LIBERTY) and BMX (ROKON), WIAWIS utilized its proprietary technology S-CORE (synthetic foam core), Tapered method, and Nanocarbon technology, which makes the pipe lighter and thinner than full-carbon pipes while offering excellent impact resistance.

On the Track bike, we improved the sustainability of explosive propulsion and speed with geometry for an optimal position and excellent rigidity and durability using graphene carbon and proprietary technologies of WIAWIS as well.
In addition, CARRMATO (WIAWIS’ components own brand), also offers a variety of handlebars, stems, seatposts, etc., and has designed these products to be used not only with WIAWIS products but also with other companies’ products.
WIAWIS aims to develop and introduce new track bike, gravel bike, and TT bike through outstanding carbon technology and will continue to strive to address numerous demands based on user feedback.


Fara Cycling Launches Innovative Modular Cockpit Featuring Enhanced Ergonomics

FARA 2024

  • Modular design offers enhanced ergonomics
  • ​Features 10mm adjustable stem length and aerobars integration
  • ​Compatible with all current Fara models with 100% internal cable routing
  • ​Adaptable for other bikes and headsets

Fara Cycling, the Norwegian bike brand championing the simplicity of Scandinavian design and specialising in adventure cycling, has today unveiled its striking new Modular Cockpit – a versatile two-piece bar and stem combination. Designed with improved ergonomics and adaptability in mind, the new cockpit features an innovative stem that allows the rider to adjust their reach by 10mm to ensure the perfect fit.

FARA 2024

The Fara Modular Cockpit has been engineered to provide improved comfort over longer distances, including additional flexibility when riding more rugged surfaces, taking the sting out of the ride. Ergonomics are enhanced by multiple defined hand positions, from the refined shape of the tops to match the angle of the torso, defined hand positions across the bar and an 8 degree flare on the drops. All of which combine to allow the rider to find their optimal hold at any point during even the longest days out in the saddle. The handlebar and stem are securely fastened by four bolts which also serve as mounting points for accessories such as Aerobars (sold separately) for a seamless switch to an ultra-racing or triathlon set-up.

FARA 2024

The cockpit is available in four handlebar widths – 37cm (Narrow), 40cm (Race), 42cm (Regular) and 44cm (Wide) centre to centre from the hoods. The drop-cant adds three centimetres to the width when measured C-C at the drops. Three stem lengths are available: 80-90mm (Short), 100-110mm (Regular) or 120-130mm (Long). Fully internal cabling is achieved through pairing with Token’s A-Box or S-Box headset, as fitted as standard on all Fara models, whilst alternative cable routing options are possible on other bikes.

FARA 2024

Fara Cycling founder Jeff Webb was one of the pioneers of the concept, calling on his own extensive racing and ultra cycling experiences. “We set out to create a handlebar and stem that is built around the needs of the rider, focussing on ergonomics and versatility rather than just aerodynamics, or simply aesthetics.

“Removing the round interface between bar and stem opens up a wide range of possibilities that we wanted to capitalise on. Going against the grain of the bike industry that makes more and more proprietary components with little or no adjustability, our cockpit is extremely versatile and will allow us to add to the Fara product ecosystem in the future. Ergonomics was the starting point, taking the approach of providing the best position and handling on the flats, climbs, sprints and everything in between.”

FARA 2024

Aside from its striking design, one of the most unique elements of Fara’s Modular Cockpit is the adjustable stem, giving 10mm of fore-aft difference thanks to hidden attachment points. Designed to allow the rider positional options on the move, whilst also providing bike fitters with a more versatile solution when fitting bike-to-rider, saving costly upgrades after purchase.

FARA 2024

The full handlebar and stem combo tips the scales at approximately 450g for the regular 40cm Race width bars. The bar also features a universal mounting point for cycling computers and lights, plus aero bar mounting points too. The slight backsweep of the bar is paired with a noticeable 8 degrees of flare in the drops to give a slight opening up of the shoulders.

FARA 2024

To celebrate the launch of the Modular Cockpit, Fara has reintroduced its popular Solstice F/All-Road colourway in a limited edition build fitted with the new cockpit, with just 15 of these available.

  • The Modular Cockpit retails at €749 / 7490 NOK / £667. To find out more, visit the product page at: faracycling.com.
  • Discover the F/All-Road Limited Modular Cockpit Edition HERE.
  • Full technical specifications can be found HERE.

Q36.5 – Behind the Technology


The Endurance Bib Shorts
Our new Dottore Pro Bib Shorts have been developed for demanding endurance training, so that no matter your riding intensity or style, you can progress your cycling fitness.

The ergogenic cut for optimum muscle support and the QLAB Air chamois, which we developed in-house, are two of the many highlights of the Dottore Pro.

Watch the video to find out more about the development and let Luigi Bergamo, CEO and Head of R&D, guide you through the various elements.

Experience the next level of comfort and performance with the Dottore Pro Bib Shorts.​

Adaptive Chamois Technology


Our Q LAB Air Chamois technology evolution uses stitching that allows two separate layers to move independently to adapt to a rider’s position. The open air construction reduces friction typically caused by stitching and material overlap.




Dottore Pro Bib Shorts




Note: PEZCyclingNews ask that you contact the manufacturers before using any products you see here. Only the manufacturer can provide accurate and complete information on proper / safe use, handling, maintenance and or installation of products as well as any conditional information or product limitations.



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