June 16, 2024

The heat wave of 2022 has taught me some things about myself: I am an expert at running up my electricity bill and the heat can get in the way of your workflow (everyone can totally tell if you’re sweating on a Zoom call). More often than not, I find myself sleeping on my cozy sofa while taking in the cool air in my living room, seeing that my bedroom is essentially a free sauna. I am currently using a tower fan in my bedroom as my old AC unit is slowly, but surely, giving out on me. I’ve tried the hacks and tips needed to get the best night of sleep, but like clockwork each night, I wake up grumpy and sweaty. So, when Casper asked me if I would like to review their Wave Snow Hybrid Mattress, I typed out the quickest yes I could muster from my bedroom desk.

Seeing that Casper is one of House Beautiful‘s favorite mattress-in-a-box brands, I knew I was on my way to great sleep. The Wave Hybrid Snow has everything a hot sleeper with back pain (my sofa isn’t a futon) could ask for. It provides ergonomic support for spinal alignment and pressure relief while removing heat as you sleep. The mattress is 13-inches thick, including a triple-layer of foam, gel, and a spring for medium-firm support. Plus, the motion isolation feature is perfect if your dog loves jumping on your bed or if you have a partner who’s a restless sleeper.

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How Much Does the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Cost?

The Wave Hybrid Snow is available in six sizes (Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King) and starts at $2,295. I chose the queen size which comes out to $3,395. If you need a foundation to go with your mattress, there are three to choose from! The free shipping is an added bonus.

How Easy Is Delivery?

You definitely have to get your friend lunch after convincing them to help you bring this 111-pound bed into your space. The mattress arrived in a timely manner and I allowed it to unfold in my living room for a day per Casper’s recommendation. I realized the next day that I should’ve brought it into my room to unbox because it was heavy to pick up, meaning you may have to get your friend drinks as well.

My Experience Sleeping on the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress

The New York heat is my own personal hell. That being said, I avoid going anywhere if it was over 88°F. I know this sounds pretty dramatic but trust me when it rains, it pours for my sweat. The mattress is surprisingly soft for a medium-firm bed. I tried searching for the springs and couldn’t feel them while pressing down. For two weeks I took note of the change in my back pain and overheating. The mattress contoured to my body shape, removing the pressure I usually have in my lower back from sitting at my desk all day or not getting enough sleep.

One of my favorite features is the Phase Change Material, which offers an instant cool-to-the-touch sensation paired with the cozy sweatshirt feel of the mattress. It shouldn’t make sense, but it works! I have super cool eucalyptus sheets that elevate my bedtime routine even more. Now, I gladly choose my bed over my desk and as this summer’s heat waves subside. I don’t turn on my old AC and can comfortably use a fan if needed and keep it on a timer.

I realize the importance of prioritizing sleep, so I can show grace for the price based off of my high-quality night of sleep while testing. It isn’t in everyone’s budget, but for someone who puts comfort first, you’ve officially met your match.

Pros and Cons of Casper’s Wave Hybrid Snow


  • Effective in regulating your body’s temperature.
  • You can test it before purchasing the entire mattress and includes 10-year warranty with each purchase.
  • Soft-to-touch fabric and plush.
  • Caters to couples by absorbing movements.


  • The price is definitely an investment but it is one you won’t regret if you fall in love with the bed. Financing options are available too!

This really is one of Casper’s most supportive mattress launches and I’m excited to remain cool even in winter.

Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress

Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress

Whether your space feels like summer year-round or you’re in dire need of back relief, Casper offers a 100-night trial including free shipping and returns. What’s even better? Our All Access members can use an exclusive code to purchase the mattress for less! It’s a luxurious experience you’ll find so hard to let go of once you experience a night of cool sleep.

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