July 22, 2024

The Belgian makers of sport nutrition solutions claim to have created an ingredient to solve all the key issues holding back the plant protein market today.

“Looking at the market of plant based proteins in Europe, it’s still behind the US market,” asserts the firm’s commercial director Gert Gaukema. “And looking at the reasons why that is, there are several things holding it back.

“The first is taste – it’s not on a level that can compete with whey. Another issue is the graininess in the mouth, and the third issue is the aftertaste.”

Providing a blend of fava bean, chick pea and rice, the newly launched blend not promises to solve taste and texture concerns as well as offer a ‘comprehensive amino acid profile’ which gets “as close to the nutritional profile of whey as possible”.

Gaukema argues these amino acids can also be better absorbed by the body than whey, with the additional benefit of zero allergens.

A typical 28g serving of the blend offers around 95 calories, 21g protein, 1.2g carbs, and zero sugar or fat.

What’s more, major inflation of whey prices in recent years mean this ingredient is currently cheaper to purchase than whey protein, according to Gaukema.


Vital XP Pro

“Whey protein prices have increased very fast and so at the moment this ingredient will be cheaper than whey,” he asserts.

Testifying for this significant gap in the market, Nick Morgan, founder of the active nutrition industry insights and consultation firm Nutrition Integrated, points out that it is too easy for consumers to be drawn away from the plant-based protein options currently on offer.


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