July 22, 2024

According to Khloé Kardashian on The Kardashians, “living in Kris Jenner world is just fabulousness.” The momager to the Kar-Jenner fam has every right to be as opulent as she wants, from her fully stocked and organized fridge to her museum-like dish room. While her home decor choices may be next level, they’re not totally unattainable for you and me. In fact, there are some home products Kris Jenner uses that you can also add to your home to live that luxe life.

If you have been watching The Kardashians on Hulu, it’s as if you’re invited into the homes of the Kardashians with each new episode. While you may love Kim’s all-white aesthetic and Khloé’s organized pantry, it’s Kris Jenner’s home that is giving you major heart eyes. Of course, it may not be in your budget to do a full makeover, but adding just a few home products to your space can actually do wonders.

Whether you’re looking to get more organized or just add a more bougie feel to your living room or bedroom, here are 14 home products Kris Jenner uses that you can buy right now.

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What’s more bougie than having an entire room dedicated to your glassware? Kris has an entire walk-in closet filled with cocktail glasses, goblets, and even tea trays for hosting adorable tea parties. While you may not have the space to dedicate an entire room to cups, you can treat yourself to some nice liquor glasses for hosting dinner parties and wine nights with your besties.

A lot of Kris’ glassware has golden details like these tumbler glasses. The gold is what makes it extra opulent. When you’re not using these glasses for an Insta-worthy tablescape, you can have them out on display for kitchen home decor.

In Kris’ glassware collection, she has an assortment of silver serving trays filled with silver tea kettles right on her countertop. It definitely adds a bit of sophistication to her space. You can get the same look with this more budget-friendly tray from Amazon that one 5-star reviewer said was “one of [their] best purchases on Amazon.”

Along with a glassware collection, Kris has an entire room filled with fine china. Her dish room looks like something out of a museum. It’s always a good idea to splurge on a nice dish set, because you never know when you want to host a fancy dinner party or plan a romantic date night at home.

A few nice plates could even be put out on display like in Kris’ home for kitchen decor. Of course, investing in a full fine china set can be expensive AF. Start off with just a few more budget-friendly items that are also in Kris’ collection, like these plates.

One of the highlights of Kris’ home is her well-stocked fridge. Not only does she have an entire freezer dedicated to ice cream and tons of fresh produce, but it’s all neatly organized with clean bins like this ceramic one. The Marie Kondo collection has an assortment of ceramic bins, but this egg bin is almost exactly like the one Kris uses to display and store her eggs.

While the ceramic bins are great for keeping a clean, white aesthetic in your fridge, these clear bins can be more colorful. If you store a lot of green produce in them like Kris, you’ll have vibrant shelves. Having clear bins also makes it easier for you to find everything you need. With a 5-star rating, it’s also clear these bins are a must-have for getting your fridge Insta-worthy.

Lazy Susans seem to be popular home products used by the Kardashians. This clear turntable is what Kris uses in her freezer for all her ice cream bars. You can also use a Lazy Susan for your dresser or under your kitchen sink for cleaning products. One of the over 2,000 5-star ratings on Amazon even said this organizer is “a game changer.”

Another way to organize the items in your fridge is with a freezer rack. This prevents things from stacking up in your fridge and making it harder for you to get and see what you need. One of the 5-star reviews said this rack “helped tremendously” with their organizing needs.

With a divided storage bin, you can really keep things organized by type. On one side, you can have condiments and salad dressings, while on the other side, you can keep yogurt or fruit. You could even use these bins for your canned drinks to make it look like a convenience store in your home. One 5-star reviewer said they used these bins “to store snacks on the shelf because it is easy to see what is in there and to lift down to refill.”

One way to be bougie is to have fancy containers for your leftovers. These bins from The Container Store are some that Kris uses for her food storage. The bamboo lid really gives it a classy, clean touch.

This candle is one of Kris Jenner’s product picks. Kris revealed why she loves this candle, saying, “I am really big on room fragrances, and my house is filled with candles!” She said the mahogany and vanilla notes really make her home “instantly cozy.”

According to Kris, she loves “a good midday pick-me-up,” and her drink of choice is a matcha. She also said, “This Chafinity bundle makes it so easy to make the perfect cup of matcha tea.” If you’re also a matcha lover, get this bundle for yourself, which comes with the tea, whisk, and scoop.

A nice face towel can really make your bathroom more bougie. Not only that, but Kris shared, “I genuinely look forward to my morning and nighttime routines because of these towels!” They come so highly recommended that you feel like you have to add them to your cart ASAP for a Kardashian-approved home.

Kris also revealed that she has the Saje and Poosh collab diffuser in her home. While this Saje diffuser is not the exact same one, it is a little more budget-friendly and has won many awards for being a great at-home diffuser. The sleek design also makes it great home decor as well. Place it in your WFH office to give your environment a more calming feel.


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